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Featured Speakers

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Actor, Founder and Director of HITRECORD

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's acting career spans the last three decades, and ranges from television (3rd Rock From The Sun) to arthouse (Mysterious Skin, Brick) to multiplex (Inception, 500 Days Of Summer, Snowden). He made his feature screenwriting and directorial debut with Don Jon (Independent Spirit Award nomination, Best First Screenplay). He also founded and directs HITRECORD, an online community of over half a million artists emphasizing collaboration over self-promotion. HITRECORD has evolved into a "community-sourced" production company, publishing books, putting out records, producing videos for brands from LG to the ACLU, and winning an Emmy for its variety show Hit Record On TV.

Christine Corbett Moran
NSF Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellow, CALTECH

Christine Corbett Moran is an NSF Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellow (NSF AAPF) in the Theoretical AstroPhysics Including Relativity and Cosmology (TAPIR) group at CALTECH. She does research in computational astrophysics, high performance computing, and big data visualization. Christine is primarily interested in the gravitational force, which she considers the most beautiful and mysterious of all of nature's fundamental forces. In 2014 Christine completed her Ph.D. in Theoretical Astrophysics at the University of Zurich under Professor George Lake and Professor Romain Teyssier.

Tanmay Bakshi
13 Year Old Algorithm-ist & Cognitive Developer, Author and TEDx Speaker

Tanmay Bakshi, 13, Software & Cognitive Developer, Honorary IBM Cloud Advisor, and the author of “Hello Swift!”, shares his knowledge through YouTube at “Tanmay Teaches”, and is the host of the IBM Facebook Live Series, “Watson Made Simple with Tanmay”. He is on a mission to help at least 100,000 aspiring coders innovate through open-source coding, and take it to the next level - AI. He’s been using Cognitive Computing, Cloud Computing, and IoT, to augment human capabilities in the fields of Healthcare, Special Needs, Education, Teaching, Music, and Business.

Zeynep Tufekci
Professor, New York TImes Writer, Author and Technosociologist

Zeynep Tufekci is an associate professor at the School of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with an affiliate appointment at the Department of Sociology. She is also a faculty associate at the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet and Society, and was previously a fellow at the Center for Information Technology Policy at the Princeton University. Tufekci’s research interests revolve around the intersection of technology and society. Her academic work focuses on social movements and civics, privacy and surveillance, and social interaction. She is also increasingly known for her work on "big data" and algorithmic decision making. Originally from Turkey, and formerly a computer programmer, Tufekci became interested in the social impacts of technology and began to focus on how digital and computational technology interact with social, political and cultural dynamics. Her work has appeared in a wide range of outlets, from peer-reviewed journals to traditional media and blogging platforms. Her forthcoming book Beautiful Teargas: The Ecstatic, Fragile Politics of Networked Protest in the 21st Century, to be published by Yale University Press, will examine the dynamics, strengths and weaknesses of 21st century social movements. 

Linus Torvalds
Linux Foundation Fellow


Linus Torvalds created the Linux kernel and Git and oversees open source development of the Linux operating system, the world's largest and most pervasive open source software project in history.

Bindi Belanger
Executive Program Director, Ticketmaster

Bindi Belanger is currently an Executive Program Director at Ticketmaster, based in Hollywood, CA. In her role, Bindi partners with leaders in Technical Operations and Engineering team to define strategy for new technology implementations and ensure successful delivery of key programs. Prior to Ticketmaster, Bindi served in various project, program and portfolio management roles at DIRECTV, NBC Universal, UnitedHealth Group and The Walt Disney Company. Bindi hold a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from USC’s Marshall School of Business.

Nir Eyal
Behavorial Designer and Bestselling Author

Nir Eyal writes, consults, and teaches about the intersection of psychology, technology, and business. The M.I.T. Technology Review dubbed Nir, “The Prophet of Habit-Forming Technology.”

Nir founded two tech companies since 2003 and has taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford. He is the author of the bestselling book, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products.

In addition to blogging at, Nir’s writing has been featured in The Harvard Business Review, TechCrunch, and Psychology Today.

Julia Liuson
Corporate Vice President, VS & .NET in the Developer Division, Microsoft

Julia Liuson is Corporate Vice President of the Developer Division, overseeing software development for Visual Studio and .NET framework, including CLR, .NET x-plat effort, all programming languages, user interface, mobile and cloud development tools. Liuson joined Microsoft in 1992, and has held a variety of technical and management positions while at Microsoft. She was General Manager of Visual Studio Business Applications where she was responsible for enabling developers to easily build applications on Microsoft client, server and service platforms. Liuson has also served as General Manager for Server and Tools business from MS Shanghai office in China for two years while running engineering teams on both sides of the Pacific. Previously, Liuson has served as development manager, and later as Partner Product Unit Manager for Visual Basic. She was also a core member of the leadership team that led the successful development and launch of Visual Studio Team System in 2005.

Dan Lyons
Fortune Columnist and Bestselling Author

Dan Lyons’s latest book, Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Startup Bubble, became an instant New York Timesbest-seller when it was published in April 2016. The Los Angeles Times called it “the best book about Silicon Valley today".

Dan writes a monthly column for Fortune magazine about technology and transformation. Previously he was technology editor at Newsweek and a technology reporter at Forbes. In 2006, Dan created The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, a blog that evolved into a novel and a cable TV comedy show, Icon, which never made it into production but led to his work on HBO’s hit comedy Silicon Valley, where he spent two seasons as a screenwriter.

Jono Bacon
Community/Developer Strategy Consultant and Author

Jono Bacon is a leading community manager, speaker, author, and podcaster. He is the founder of Jono Bacon Consulting which provides community strategy/execution, developer workflow, and other services. He also previously served as director of community at GitHub, Canonical, XPRIZE, OpenAdvantage. His clients include Huawei, GitLab, Microsoft, Sony Mobile, Deutsche Bank, HackerOne, Mattermost, SAP,, Creative Commons, and others. He is the author of the critically-acclaimed The Art of Community, is a columnist for Forbes and, founder of the Community Leadership Summit, and co-founder of the Bad Voltage and LugRadio podcasts.

Imad Sousou
Vice President, Software Services Group & GM, Open Source Technology Center, Intel Corporation

Imad Sousou is vice president in the Software and Services Group at Intel Corporation and general manager of the Intel Open Source Technology Center, a position he's held since its founding in 2003. Sousou is responsible for Intel's efforts in open source software across a wide range of technologies and market segments, including enterprise Linux and related technologies such as virtualization, data center, and cloud software; embedded market segments; and client Linux programs. The Center also focuses on operating system (OS) stacks, including Android and Chrome OS for Intel architecture and Yocto, in addition to Linux kernel and related projects, user experience, and Web and HTML5 technologies on top of client operating systems. He sits on the board of directors at the OpenStack Foundation and is on the advisory board for the Core Infrastructure Initiative at The Linux Foundation.

Shaun Frankson
Co-founder, The Plastic Bank

Shaun Frankson is the co-founder of The Plastic Bank and project lead on a game changing Blockchain platform, in collaboration with IBM, designed to STOP Ocean plastic and reduce global poverty. 

He is commonly known as a modern day strategy guy and growth hacker. Shaun has made a career out of creating unique strategies that generate exponential results. He created the brand strategies to introduce Social Plastic® to the world, resulting in a multi-million person movement. As the previous Vice President of Nero Global Tracking, Shaun specialized in creating scalable turn-key systems and business processes. He previously created another million person social good “Problem Solvers” movement as an advisor and growth hacker for HeroX, the official spin-off of XPRIZE.

Barry Baker
Vice President, Offering Management, IBM Z & LinuxONE

Barry Baker is the Vice President leading Offering & Product Management for IBM Z and LinuxONE.  This includes working across hardware and software development, sales, ecosystem and marketing to set the strategy and detailed direction and priorities to drive platform growth. Follow Barry at @bakerbar. 

Chris Wright
VP & Chief Technologist, Office of Technology at Red Hat

Chris Wright is the Vice President and Chief Technologist at Red Hat. During his nearly 20 years as a software engineer he has worked in the telecom industry on high availability and distributed systems and in the Linux industry on security and virtualization. He has been a Linux developer for over a decade, most of that time spent deep in the Linux kernel working on security and virtualization.  He is intrigued by the challenges that cloud computing brings to virtualization and networking, and is now focused on the cloud, KVM, network virtualization, and virtualizing network functions.  He lives in sunny Portland, OR where he is happily hacking on OpenDaylight, Open vSwitch, and OpenStack.

Mark Cavage
Vice President, Software Development, Oracle

Mark Cavage is Vice President of development for Oracle’s Application Development portfolio, and previously held the role as CTO for Oracle’s IaaS offerings. Prior to joining Oracle, Mark was at Joyent, where he was the product visionary and lead engineer for the well-regarded Manta Storage Service, after which he became VP of Engineering. Before Joyent, Mark was a senior engineer at Amazon Web Services, where in addition to delivering a number of for services, he was chief architect and engineer of the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Service.

Jim Zemlin
Executive Director, The Linux Foundation

Jim's career spans three of the largest technology trends to rise over the last decade: mobile computing, cloud computing and open source software. Today, as executive director of The Linux Foundation, he uses this experience to accelerate innovation in technology through the use of open source and Linux.

At The Linux Foundation, Jim works with the world’s largest technology companies, including IBM, Intel, Google, Samsung, Qualcomm, and others to help define the future of computing on the server, in the cloud, and on a variety of new mobile computing devices. His work at the vendor-neutral Linux Foundation gives him a unique and aggregate perspective on the global technology industry.


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