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Diversity Empowerment Summit

The Linux Foundation is pleased to announce the new Diversity Empowerment Summit (DES), an event which will take place as part of Open Source Summit North America and Open Source Summit Europe this year. 

We received so many amazing diversity-related submissions for Open Source Summit North America that we couldn't fit them all into the main conference schedule, so we've added this new event to accommodate all the great talks. The goal of the Summit is to help promote and facilitate an increase in diversity, inclusion, empowerment and social innovation in the open source community, and to provide a venue for discussion and collaboration. 


Thank you to our Diversity Empowerment Summit Co-Host Sponsors:



Diversity Empowerment Summit North America will take place September 14 in Los Angeles as part of Open Source Summit North America 2017

Diversity Empowerment Summit Europe will take place October 26 in Prague as part of Open Source Summit Europe 2017


Who Should Attend
Anyone in open source interested in learning more on how to further diversity and inclusion in the community and technology, in general.


Registration for DES is included in Open Source Summit registration fees - there is no additional cost to attend. The Linux Foundation offers diversity scholarships to individuals from underrepresented groups in the tech/open source community that are in need of financial support. For more information and to apply, visit our Scholarship Opportunities page. 


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Sponsor the Diversity Empowerment Summit 

The Linux Foundation is pleased to offer a number of sponsorship opportunities for the new DES including: 
+ Evening Event 
+ Co-Host
+ Lunch
+ Breakfast 
+ Supporting Partner 

For full details and availability download the Open Source Summit 2017 Sponsorship Prospectus (DES details listed on page 13).

Download the Open Source Summit 2017 Sponsorship Prospectus


Open Source Summit Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives
The Linux Foundation is pleased to support diversity and inclusion at this and other events we host with:
+ Free Child Care on all Conference Days
+ Nursing Room & Quiet Room at Events
+ Registration Scholarships & Travel Funding
+ Non-Binary Restrooms
+ ADA Accommodations
+ A Strictly Enforced Code of Conduct

For more details on these initiatives, please visit our Diversity & Inclusion page. 


Additional programs onsite at Open Source Summit North America supporting Diversity & Inclusion efforts include: Speed Mentoring, Recruiting Program, Women in Open Source Lunch, Kids in OS Day, Literacy Program/Children's Book Drive and the co-located Girls in Tech Hackathon. 



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