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Tutorials are included in your Open Source Summit Europe registration. RSVP is required - You can RSVP by adding tutorials to your existing registration here. Be sure to RSVP soon as there are limited spots available!


+ Monday Tutorial

4:20 pm - 

'Goodbye! printf()' Hands-on with uftrace: Function Graph Tracer for C/C++ - Taeung Song, KOSSLAB (Location: Tyrolka)


+ Tuesday Tutorials

10:55 am - 

An Introduction to Stateful Applications on #K8s - Steve Wong & Kenny Coleman, {code} (Location: Palmovka)

4:05 pm -
Hands-on with Containerized Deployment of OpenStack - Charles Eckel, Cisco (Location: Rokoska)


+ Wednesday Tutorials

4:15pm - 

Linux Container Internals - Scott McCarty, Red Hat (Location: Karlin I)


+ Thursday Tutorials

9:00 am -

Deploying and Scaling Microservices with Docker and Kubernetes - Jérôme Petazzoni, Docker (Location: Berlin)

1:00 pm -

Deploying and Managing Multi-OS Applications with Docker Swarm - Mike Coleman, Docker (Location: Brussels)
Container Orchestration with Kubernetes - Michael Steinfurth, B1 Systems GmbH (Location: Berlin)



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