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What Attendees Are Saying

Read what past attendees of Open Source Summit have to say about their conference experiences!


I only go to one conference a year, and it's LinuxCon. I never miss it. It has a little bit of every technology and a wide variety of people to network with.
Troy Dawson, Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat


LinuxCon is where the industry's brightest and most prolific collaborators go to become even better collaborators.
Alex Ng, Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft


This event is for the 'savvy' OSS developer, community code contributor, sys admin, Fortune 500 and/or Federal/DOD client who wants to come up to speed on what the latest and greatest is in the Open Source Communities.
Erin Boyd, Red Hat


The most fantastic event in Open Source and for my career. I not only learn open source trends, new technologies, experiences & lessons from the events, which enlightens me to build more valuable and competitive products based on open source projects and technologies, but also make friends with so many open source geeks.
Victor Yang, Engineer, Huawei Technologies Co., LTD


It's THE place to be if you are working on Linux.
Lambert Olivier, Vates


Had a great time at the conference, got to meet some of the best and brightest in the Linux and Cloud industries!
William Roper, Hewlett-Packard


I just wanted to give you a big THANKS for the conference this week. It was one of the best I've ever been to and I really got a lot out of it.
Jeremy Allison, Google


A busy, fascinating, hugely educational and wholly worthwhile event. Build enterprise contacts, learn something new, or simply pander to your inner hobbyist.
Andy Singleton


It's THE conference to go to if you are a Linux Geek.
Alex Juncu


Linux conferences are an important cog in the Linux ecosystem which brings Linux kernel developers and industry members together and helps move Linux forward.
Shuah Khan


LinuxCon...sported a bonanza of interesting topics ranging from nitty-gritty kernel details to cloud infrastructure. Even though the sessions varied, a common denominator was the quality of the presenters, which was extremely high. I cannot wait for next year's LinuxCon :)
Henrik Austad


Great interaction with the broader Linux community, top notch technical presentations and evening events. Working in an open source community normally means working remotely and that makes it hard to establish the personal connection we all benefit from when collaborating on key projects.


Meeting people from all over the globe, discussions about current issues and solutions in a friendly environment is quite awesome!


LinuxCon allows me to network with like-minded individuals and collaborate on cutting-edge projects that truly make a difference in my world. It's one of the few places where I feel I belong.


The best conference for sysadmins and developers - Every year I attend many conferences around the world and this is the best.




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