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By Luca Prete
By Daniel Firestone
By Huabing Zhao & Zhaoxing Meng
By Paul Carver, Armando Migliaccio & Ildiko Vancsa
By Joon-Myung Kang & Mario A. Sánchez
By Guru Parulkar, ONF/ ON.Lab
By Zaid Ali Kahn, LinkedIn
By Vasileios Lakafosis
By Alex Choi, SK Telecom
By Marc Cohn & Chris Donley
By Rashesh Jethi, Amadeus
By Jose Lausuch & Trevor Cooper
By Sandra Rivera, Intel
By Pierre Lynch
By Arpit Joshipura, The Linux Foundation
By Gaetano Borgione
By Carsten Rossenhövel, Chris Price & Ildikó Váncsa
By Lisa Caywood & Colin Dixon
By Albert Greenberg, Microsoft
By Arpit Joshipura, The Linux Foundation
By Pascal Menezes
By Martin Sunal


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