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Hackathon: Innovation via Open Code & Integration


The Linux Foundation, Dell-EMC and Cisco are co-hosting a one day hackathon event at Open Networking Summit 2017! The overall theme of Innovation via Open Code and Integrations was selected to achieve the goals of wide community participation, jump start projects/efforts and integrate open networking elements within interesting solutions. This is an ideal opportunity to learn from and work with top notch peers across a wide variety of areas. Come show off your ideas and coding skills to move the needle on networking, while giving back to the open source community!

5 Primary Zones

  1. Documentation
    1. ODL documentation led by ODL experts
    2. Idea-a-Thon: produce solution briefs
  2. Interoperability of Orchestrators Across Controllers
    1. Open source and vendor specific allowed
    2. Several specific combinations will be available as a starting point or bring your own!
  3. OPNFV Solutions
  4. VNF on ONAP
  5. Apps on OpenSwitch (OPX Base)

Experts and thought leaders will be on hand during the event for these zones. Teams and projects are not limited to the zones and projects. If you have any interesting ideas involving Open Source Networking, we welcome your participation!

Open Source Projects of Interest: ODL, ONOS, ONAP, OPX, OPNFV, OpenContrail, Nuage, and Open-O

The list of Subject Matter Experts for each zone can be found here.



If you are a developer with direct experience in one or more of the listed zones/projects or other open source projects, this hackathon is for you! We also welcome teams or individuals to come participate and brainstorm how to combine various open source components in novel ways, contribute to open source documentation, white papers or related collateral.

At the conclusion of the hackathon, teams will have the opportunity to present their work. Prizes will be given - but this is not a competitive event!


Event Details

The hackathon will be held Monday, April 3rd, 2017 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Grand Ballroom C (dedicated to Hackathon attendees).

8:00 - 8:45 am Registration and Social Hour
8:45 am Kick-Off and Intros
9:00 am Event Starts
4:00 pm Presentation of Projects
6:00 pm Event Concludes

Breakfast, lunch and yummy snacks will be provided as well as some amount of supporting hardware and software systems. 

Registration for the hackathon and ONS is required. Space is available on a first come, first serve basis. Don't miss your opportunity to participate - add this hackathon to your registration today!


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