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Why Attend

The Only Conference Envisioned & Architected By Networking Specialists For The Networking Ecosystem - With Proceeds Directly Invested In Furthering Open Source Communities

  • Want to establish yourself as a Networking Innovator and Leader?
  • Looking for how Networking is revolutionizing hot markets? Containers, Microservices, IOT?
  • Interested in reaching Executives, Technologists, Vendors, Investors - both technical and business leaders?
  • Interested in how multiple Open Source and Open Standards Initiatives are all coming together?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you should definitely be at 2017's premier Networking & Orchestration event - the Open Networking Summit.


The Linux Foundation: Home To The World's Leading Open Source Networking Projects

Through open source projects such as The Linux Foundation's OpenDaylight, OPNFV, OPEN-O,, Open vSwitch, OpenSwitch, IO Visor, ON.Lab, CORD and ONOS, thousands of developers, architects, devops practitioners and executives from around the world are working together to undertake a massive transition and to change an industry.

Such rapid transformation is exhilarating. However, if you are an enterprise, carrier, cloud provider or creator of the networking ecosystem, it can also be mind-boggling. The choices and options to provide services to your customers in this new open source ecosystem are limitless and leave many questions. 

  1. How do we harmonize all the open initiatives across the entire stack and industry?
  2. How can I participate in the 'Open Revolution', saving potentially millions of dollars and providing a head-start to my core competency?
  3. How has networking had a profound impact on adjacent "hot" industries like Cloud, Big Data, IOT, Analytics, Security, Intelligence, and others?

Open Networking Summit 2017 is the place to find the answers to these questions, and more. Developing a formal strategy around the next wave of open networking will be an integral theme at the event.


What's New and Improved in 2017

The 2017 Theme of Open Networking: "Harmonize, Harness, Consume" represents harmonizing Linux Foundation projects, non-LF initiatives and Standards across Networking & Orchestration

  • Content covering how networking enables adjacent markets in IOT, BI, AI and Cloud
  • Reconfigured conference tracks include separate Technical (DevOps) and Business/Architecture Tracks across Enterprise, Carrier and Web/Cloud customers including Open Source and Open Standard initiatives
  • ONS Networking & Orchestration Industry Awards - covering the entire Ecosystem
  • ONS Developer Hackathon & Developer Lounge
  • Keynotes more focused on industry vision versus programs/projects
  • Layout & Hallways optimized for Informal "Networking" (aka Software Defined People)
  • Exhibit Hall with expanded solution focus for Enterprise, Carriers and Web/Cloud Vendor innovation side by side - mindshare for future
  • New Open Networking Innovation Forum - An invite-only think tank for the foremost visionary thought leaders in networking and orchestration




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