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Open Networking Summit 2017

Thank You

Thank you for attending Open Networking Summit 2017. For a recap of the event, be sure to revisit the Keynote Video Recordings and Session Slides from the speakers who provided them.

Event Recap

Presentation Slides

By Luca Prete
By Daniel Firestone
By Arpit Joshipura, The Linux Foundation
By Carsten Rossenhövel, Chris Price & Ildikó Váncsa
By Lisa Caywood & Colin Dixon
By Pascal Menezes
By Albert Greenberg, Microsoft
By Guru Parulkar, ONF/ ON.Lab
By Vasileios Lakafosis
By Paul Carver, Armando Migliaccio & Ildiko Vancsa
By Joon-Myung Kang & Mario A. Sánchez
By Zaid Ali Kahn, LinkedIn
By Huabing Zhao & Zhaoxing Meng
By Jose Lausuch & Trevor Cooper
By Marc Cohn & Chris Donley
By Rashesh Jethi, Amadeus
By Alex Choi, SK Telecom
By Gaetano Borgione
By Sandra Rivera, Intel
By Arpit Joshipura, The Linux Foundation
By Pierre Lynch
By Martin Sunal

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