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The Linux Kernel Summit brings together the world’s leading core kernel developers to discuss the state of the existing kernel and plan the next development cycle.

Kernel Summit 2017 At-A-Glance

Tuesday, October 24 - Wednesday, October 25 - Kernel Summit Track at Open Source Summit Europe

To attend the Kernel Technical Discussions, please register for Open Source Summit Europe.


Thursday, October 26 - Maintainer Summit (Invite Only) and Workshops (Open to All!)

The Maintainer Summit is open to invited attendees only. If you have received an invitation to attend the Maintainer Summit, please select "Maintainer Summit Registration" and enter the access code you were provided. If you need assistance or can't locate your access code, email


Devicetree Workshop

The Devicetree Workshop is a chance for developers using Devicetree and those working on the Devicetree Specification to meet and discuss the changes planned over the next year. 

Devicetree is a hardware description language used to separate the details of hardware from software runtime implementations. Operating systems and firmware read the Devicetree data structure to get details of the hardware it is running and it's configuration. 

Planned topics at this year's Devicetree Workshop include tooling for schema validation, format for binding definition files, usage model for Devicetree on microcontroller systems, and review process for changes to the Devicetree Specification document. Anyone interested in participating in this workshop should refer to the Devicetree Workshop wikipage at

Date: Thursday, October 26
Time: Morning Hacking Sprint from 9:00 am - 12:30 pm; Afternoon Discussion Topics: 2:30 - 5:30 pm
Location: Athens, Hilton Prague
Registration Cost: Complimentary - Pre-registration required.

How to Register:
Add the Devicetree Workshop to your existing Open Source Summit + Embedded Linux Conference Europe registration here.




Linux Media Summit

The Linux media subsystem provides support to receive audio and video streams including webcams, analog TV, digital TV. It also provides support for HDMI CEC, remote controllers and radio receive and transmit. At the media summit, we'll be discussing the evolution of the subsystem and new features to be added with Kernel and userspace developers.


Date: Friday, October 27
Time: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm
Location: Athens, Hilton Prague
Registration Cost: Complimentary - Pre-registration required.

How to Register:
Add this summit to your existing Open Source Summit Europe Registration here.




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