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Tuesday, December 5 - Highlights


Please bring your ID and a copy of your confirmation email with you to the ACC. Registration will be located in the Palazzo, Level 1.  

Co-located Event Registration Only
  • 7:00am - 2:00pm

Sponsor Registration
  • 10:00am - 7:00pm
All Attendee Registration
  •  2:00pm - 7:00pm



Mini Summits

OpenContrail Governance Summit at KubeCon

Location: Hilton Austin - Meeting Room #410

    500 East 4th Street Austin, TX USA 78701

OpenContrail Community facilitates the development, evolution and adoption of OpenContrail project across various open source ecosystems, including public and private clouds, container ecosystem and other computational platforms. OpenContrail is the leading open source, scalable, production grade

  network fabric that provides a robust overlay SDN and network security. The Community goal is to maintain and improve the production ready and scalable nature of OpenContrail project while accelerating development, and attracting additional developers and users to the platform.


Container Networking with ONAP - SOLD OUT

Telecom providers as well as many enterprises are partway through a transition to a cloud-native environment, where the need for speed is all-consuming. But the agile orchestration of the supporting infrastructure remains a challenge for many.

In February 2017, The Linux Foundation introduced the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP), to enable network operators to automate, design, orchestrate, and manage virtual network functions and end-to-end network services in support of distributed applications. 

This workshop is designed to bring together networking and cloud application developers to discuss their needs, ideas and aspirations for automating the deployment of secure network services on demand.

Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Meeting Room 3, Level 1 at ACC
Registration Cost: Free - $50 no show fee*
Registration: Waitlist Available

*No Show Fee - Note that while ONAP Mini Summit is free to attend, anyone that is a no-show onsite will be charged $50 for each event not attended. This helps us in planning accurately for the event. Mini Summit - SOLD OUT (Fast Data) is the first truly open data plane project focusing on data IO performance, scalability, efficiency, and programmable flexibility for networking and storage. provides a modular, extensible user space IO services framework that supports rapid development of high-throughput low-latency resource-efficient IO services. The design of is hardware, kernel, and deployment (bare metal, VM, container) agnostic. has been integrated with OpenStack Neutron, OpenDaylight, and Calico to provide a drop in upgrade for all of your dataplane needs. A key component of is the Vector Packet Processing (VPP) library contributed at the foundation of the project. The commercial-ready code targetable to run on standard x86, ARM, and Power servers is already running in products on the market today. VPP when connected to DPDK for network IO has shown to perform two orders of magnitude faster than currently available open source options implementing switching or routing workloads, reaffirming one of the core principles of a focus on performance.

Join us at the Mini Summit to hear and learn from community experts who will be sharing information about the projects, use cases, capabilities, integration between and OpenStack/ODL/OPNFV/Other communities,  tools and many more exciting topics. This is a great opportunity for the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon attendees to share their thought leadership and innovations at one of the industry’s premier events. 

Tuesday, December 5
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Meeting Room 10C, Level 3 at ACC
Registration Cost: Free - $50 no show fee*

Registration: Waitlist Available

*No Show Fee - Note that while ONAP Mini Summit is free to attend, anyone that is a no-show onsite will be charged $50 for each event not attended. This helps us in planning accurately for the event.



Kubernetes Core Concepts Live Training w/Bitnami

About: This one day course serves as a crash course to learn the basics of Kubernetes right before KubeCon NA. You will discover the Kubernetes architecture and how to install it. You will then learn how to use its basic primitives (i.e pods, deployments and services) to build your own distributed application. The course will be a mix of lectures, demos and hands-on exercises.

This training course is for you because...

  • You're an administrator and want to understand the overall architecture of a Kubernetes cluster
  • You're an administrator and want to understand how to install Kubernetes yourself
  • You’re an application developer and want to understand the basic primitives of a Kubernetes application
  • You’re an application developer and want to learn the usage of `kubectl` to interact with your Kubernetes cluster and applications
  • You’re an application developer and want to understand how to use your Docker images in a Kubernetes cluster

Time: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Location: Meeting Room 1, Level 1 at ACC
Cost: $495

How to Register:
Pre-registration is required. Add this course to your existing KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America registration here.


Container Troubleshooting w/ Sysdig Open Source

About: Join us for a 4-hour use-case driven training session on container visibility, troubleshooting and run-time security monitoring with the Sysdig open source tools (Sysdig and Falco) and learn how containers work under the hood.


  • Visibility and troubleshooting (~1 hour)
    • Learn how to debug a 502 error on a containerized LB with HPproxy, a Python webapp that crashes after working for 5 minutes or finding where you configured the wrong credentials in a microservices app.
  • Analyzing performance and bottlenecks (~1 hour)
    • Compare the performance of different web servers running in containers, use system call tracing to find the bottleneck in your application or learn how to use spectograms (flame graphs) to visualize system call performance. 
  • Debugging Kubernetes (~1 hour)
    • Dive into Kubernetes internals using reverse engineering: Why is that Kubernetes service valid but doesn't work? How does service resolution work? How does Kubernetes instruct Docker Engine?
  • Security run-time monitoring and forensics (~1 hour)
    • Last but not least, all these previous lessons can also be applied for security. Not only with forensics on an attack attempt, but Sysdig Falco can alert on containers with anomalous behaviour as well.

Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Location: Meeting Room 10B, Level 3 at ACC
Cost: $250

How to Register:
Pre-registration is required. Add this course to your existing KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America registration here.



Kubernetes Hands-On Workshop with Heptio

In this one day hands-on course you will deploy Kubernetes and containers to build out a distributed, highly available, fault-tolerant application architecture. 

This course is delivered in an intimate setting with a ~10:1 student to teacher ratio, so you can get the help you need. Throughout the course, hands-on exercises reinforce the topics being discussed.

In addition to learning from our Kubernetes experts, you will have the opportunity:

  • Meet Kubernetes creators, Craig McLuckie (CEO) and Joe Beda (CTO) and our other Kubernetes committers for a Q&A session after each class
  • Get a copy of "Kubernetes: Up and Running" signed by Joe Beda
  • Join us for happy hour

Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Meeting Room 8C, Level 3 at ACC
Registration Cost: $1,000 - 10% discount offered if paired with Introduction to Kubernetes and Containers Training (until November 6, 2017)

How to Register:
Pre-registration is required. Add this course to your existing KubeCon + CloudNative North America registration here


Running Enterprise Kubernetes with Tectonic

Running Kubernetes in an enterprise production environment requires an in-depth technical knowledge of Kubernetes and the relevant tools you need to keep your applications running properly. This hands-on workshop will introduce the audience to CoreOS Tectonic for running enterprise Kubernetes. CoreOS Tectonic includes an easy to use dashboard that provides access and insights into the many components of your stack. 

Time: Four 3-hour workshops, 9:00am - 12:00pm and 1:00pm - 4:00pm each day
Location: Meeting Room 7, Level 3 at ACC
Registration Cost: $75 

How to Register: 
Pre-registration is required. Add this course to your existing KubeCon + CloudNative North America registration here.


Free Kubernetes 101 Workshop for the Enterprise w/VMware - SOLD OUT

Due to unprecedented demand, we've added more capacity to this event - sign up NOW before we fill up (again!).

This free workshop led by The Linux Foundation and VMware will provide an overview and walkthrough of containers and Kubernetes, with key concepts, architecture, and how Kubernetes is used in enterprise environments. The session will include running Kubernetes in enterprise use case scenarios and how enterpises can operationalize Kubernetes adressing day 1 and day 2 needs. 

Time: 1:00pm - 6:30pm
Location: Ballroom C, Level 1 at ACC
Registration Cost: $0 - We have room for 100 attendees, so please sign up early. All participants will receive the book, Kubernetes Up and Running, and some goodies from VMware
Registration: Waitlist Available


Using Istio to Build a Cloud Native Service MeshSOLD OUT

Using Istio to Build a Cloud Native Service Mesh: AM event (9:00am - 12:00pm)

In the adoption of cloud native technologies, developers have found one of the greatest challenges is the integration of services in distributed systems. The challenges include service discovery, load balancing, fault tolerance, end-to-end monitoring, dynamic routing for canary deployments and most importantly securing the communication channels.

Istio solves these problems by providing a layer of infrastructure between the services and the network that allows the service communication to be controlled outside the application code. This fundamentally changes how services are connected, managed and secured.

During this workshop you will gain hands-on experience to understand how Istio is changing the landscape of cloud native applications. We will walk through deploying each piece of Istio alongside a microservice application running in Kubernetes and in the process create a service mesh to control the communication. We will show features of Istio such as:

Istio Mini Summit: PM event (1:00pm - 5:00pm)

Join experts from Google, IBM, Tigera, and more to hear the latest developments on the Istio project. Connect with the community to hear about use cases, capabilities, and more.

Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Meeting Room 10A, Level 3 at ACC
Registration Cost: $0 - We have room for 100 attendees, so please sign up early. 
Registration: Waitlist Available


Kubernetes: Enterprise Logging Workshop SOLD OUT

Kubernetes provide a powerful abstraction for you to run microservices anywhere and scale to any size. Monitoring a Kubernetes cluster can be challenging specifically when dealing with Logging.

The Kubernetes Enterprise Logging workshop is a full hands-on session where you will learn the basics of Logging, how to implement a unified logging layer in your cluster focusing on an end-to-end solution ready for production. 

Time: 8:00am - 12:00pm
Location: Meeting Room 8AB, Level 3 at ACC
Registration Cost: Free
Registration: Waitlist Available


Kubernetes on AWS Hands-On Workshop, taught by AWS - SOLD OUT

Kubernetes is a popular cloud-native open-source orchestration platform for container management, scaling and automated deployment. It includes a rich set of features such as service discovery, multi-tenancy, stateful containers, resource usage monitoring, and rolling updates. Some of the questions we will go over are: 

  • How do we deploy using infrastructure technologies like CloudFormation and Terraform?
  • How can CLI clients such as kops, kubeadm and minikube be used to interact with Kubernetes?
  • What does a clean CI/CD pipeline look like using AWS?
  • How do we integrate with tools such as Maven?

In this code-driven workshop, you will learn how to package, deploy, scale and monitor your Java application using Kubernetes and the AWS cloud.

Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm
Location: Meeting Room 9B, Level 3 at ACC
Registration Cost: $50 - fee goes toward KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Diversity Scholarships
Registration: Waitli st Available



DevOps for Kubernetes w/Huawei Sold Out

On December 5, 2017, Huawei and patterns of CNCF community will be hosting a DevOps Meetup of Kubernetes in Austin. In this event, you will get over three sessions from Huawei, Loose and CoreOS. These topics focus on DevOps include CI/CD, modern infrastructure, networks and others in Kubernetes ecosystem.

The tickets are free and we will have a great event with a lot of interesting discussion and some surprises.

More details on

Please join us!
Time: 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Location: Meeting Room 9C, Level 3 at ACC
Registration Cost: Free
Registration: Waitlist Available


EmpowerHer Evening Event

Date:  Tuesday, December 5
Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Location:  Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill 303 Red River Street, Austin, TX 78701
(located next to the Austin Convention Center)
Attire: Wear what makes you feel powerful!


Register Now


Join other women attending KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America for sparkling conversation and dazzling cocktails. Attendees will have an opportunity to get to know one another and network with other women in the tech industry from around the globe. Conversation during the evening event happy hour will include adoption, usability and life-hacks of distributed systems and containers, app development and current events in Kubernetes and other cloud native technologies, ways to increase inclusivity in our fast-growing ecosystem, and how to get involved with different Cloud Native projects. Space is limited and registration is required.


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