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Kubernetes: Enterprise Logging Workshop - SOLD OUT

Workshop Details

Kubernetes provide a powerful abstraction for you to run microservices anywhere and scale to any size. Monitoring a Kubernetes cluster can be challenging specifically when dealing with Logging.

The Kubernetes Enterprise Logging workshop is a full hands-on session where you will learn the basics of Logging, how to implement an unified logging layer in your cluster focusing on an end-to-end solution ready for production. 

Workshop Outline: 

  • Introduction to Logging
  • Logging and Microservices
  • Fluentd and Fluentd Enterprise
  • Kubernetes: collecting and enrich logs with metadata
  • Enterprise Logging:
    • Performance and optimizations
    • Buffering mechanisms
    • Logs routing
    • Elasticsearch
    • Apache Kafka
    • Splunk

Date: Tuesday, December 5
Time: 8:45am - 12:00pm
Location: Meeting Room 8AB, Level 3 at ACC
Registration Cost: Free

How to Register:


Kubernetes Hands-On Workshop w/Heptio

Workshop Details

In this one day hands-on course you will deploy Kubernetes and containers to build out a distributed, highly available, fault tolerant application architecture. 

This course is delivered in an intimate setting with a ~10:1 student to teacher ratio, so you can get the help you need. Throughout the course, hands-on exercises reinforce the topics being discussed.

In addition to learning from our Kubernetes experts, you will have the opportunity:

  • Meet Kubernetes creators, Craig McLuckie (CEO) and Joe Beda (CTO) and our other Kubernetes committers for a Q&A session after each class
  • Get a copy of "Kubernetes: Up and Running" signed by Joe Beda
  • Join us for happy hour

Course topics include: 

  • Introduction
  • Deploy a Kubernetes Cluster
  • Containerize Applications
  • Deploy Applications
  • Manage and Modify Applications
  • ConfigMaps and Secrets
  • Persistent Volumes

Date: Tuesday, December 5
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Meeting Room 8C, Level 3 at ACC
Registration Cost: $1,000 - 10% discount offered if paired with Introduction to Kubernetes and Containers Training (until November 6, 2017)

How to Register:
Pre-registration is required. Add this course to your existing KubeCon + CloudNative North America registration here


Kubernetes on AWS Hands-On Workshop, taught by AWS - SOLD OUT

Workshop Details

Kubernetes is a popular cloud-native open-source orchestration platform for container management, scaling and automated deployment. It includes a rich set of features such as service discovery, multi-tenancy, stateful containers, resource usage monitoring, and rolling updates. Some of the questions we will go over are: 

  • How do we deploy using infrastructure technologies like CloudFormation and Terraform?
  • How can CLI clients such as kops, kubeadm and minikube be used to interact with Kubernetes?
  • What does a clean CI/CD pipeline look like using AWS?
  • How do we integrate with tools such as Maven?

In this code-driven workshop, you will learn how to package, deploy, scale and monitor your Java application using Kubernetes and the AWS cloud.

Date: Tuesday, December 5
Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm
Location: Meeting Room 9B, Level 3 at ACC
Registration Cost: $50 - fee goes toward KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Diversity Scholarships

How to Register:


Free Kubernetes 101 Workshop for the Enterprise w/VMware

Workshop Details

Due to unprecedented demand, we've added more capacity to this event - sign up NOW before we fill up (again!).

This free workshop led by The Linux Foundation and VMware will provide an overview and walkthrough of containers and Kubernetes, with key concepts, architecture, and how Kubernetes is used in enterprise environments. The session will include running Kubernetes in enterprise use case scenarios and how enterpises can operationalize Kubernetes adressing day 1 and day 2 needs. 

  • Introduction to Containers
  • Overview of Kubernetes and Architecture
  • Kubernetes Deployment Walkthrough
  • Kubernetes Demos
  • Enterprise use case scenarios
  • Operationalizing Kubernetes
  • Mechanics of rolling upgrades
  • Monitoring Kubernetes

The workshop will finish with a reception right afterwards to allow time for some networking.

Date: Tuesday, December 5

Time: 1:00pm - 6:30pm
Location: Ballroom C, Level 1 at ACC
Registration Cost: $0 - We have room for 100 attendees, so please sign up early. All participants will receive the book, Kubernetes Up and Running, and some goodies from VMware

How to Register: 
Pre-registration is required. Add this course to your existing KubeCon + CloudNative North America registration here.


Using Istio to Build a Cloud Native Service Mesh - SOLD OUT

Workshop Details

Using Istio to Build a Cloud Native Service Mesh: AM event (9:00am - 12:00pm)

In the adoption of cloud native technologies developers have found one of the greatest challenges is the integration of services in distributed systems. The challenges include service discovery, load balancing, fault tolerance, end-to-end monitoring, dynamic routing for canary deployments and most importantly securing the communication channels.

Istio solves these problems by providing a layer of infrastructure between the services and the network that allows the service communication to be controlled outside the application code. This fundamentally changes how services are connected, managed and secured.

During thisworkshop you will gain hands-on experience to understand how Istio is changing the landscape of cloud native applications. We will walk through deploying each piece of Istio alongside a microservice application running in Kubernetes and in the process create a service mesh to control the communication. We will show features of Istio such as:

  • Traffic Management, Resilient Communication and Load Balancing between Services
  • Policy Enforcement and Rate Limiting
  • Telemetry, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Securing Communication between
  • Microservices Canary Deployments

Istio Mini Summit: PM event (1:00pm - 5:00pm)

Join experts from Google, IBM, Tigera, and more to hear the latest developments on the Istio project. Connect with the community to hear about use cases, capabilities, and more.

Date: Tuesday, December 5

Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Meeting Room 10A, Level 3 at ACC
Registration Cost: $0 - We have room for 100 attendees, so please sign up early. 

How to Register:

Running Enterprise Kubernetes with Tectonic

Workshop Details

Running Kubernetes in an enterprise production environment requires an in-depth technical knowledge of Kubernetes and the relevant tools you need to keep your applications running properly. This hands-on workshop will introduce the audience to CoreOS Tectonic for running enterprise Kubernetes. CoreOS Tectonic includes an easy to use dashboard that provides access and insights into the many components of your stack. 

We will go over the following topics: 

  • Tectonic Overview
  • Installing Tectonic
  • Exploring the Tectonic Console
  • Understanding the Tectonic Architecture
  • Self-Hosted Kubernetes
  • Security and Identity
  • Monitoring
  • Auto Updates
  • The Future of Tectonic

Date: Monday, December 4 & Tuesday, December 5
Time: Four 3-hour workshops, 9:00am - 12:00pm and 1:00pm - 4:00pm each day
Location: Meeting Room 7, Level 3 at ACC
Registration Cost: $75 

How to Register: 
Pre-registration is required. Add this course to your existing KubeCon + CloudNative North America registration here.



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