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Hackathon Format

Learn: The Hackathon will offer introductory information about the challenges from the Accenture and Hyperledger mentors and other blockchain experts.  This will happen on the first day of the Hackathon via a series of very brief presentations.

Pitch: Participants will be asked come to the Hackathon prepared to pitch their ideas around the challenges.  Those who wish to pitch with have 30 seconds to tell their group their ideas to build apps.

Team: Form into teams to turn the pitch ideas into reality.

Code: Work with your teams to take your concept from blueprint to application.

Enjoy! Have fun with this challenge.  Enjoy your team, the snacks at the Dock and the magic of blockchain.

Present to the Judges: Prepare a short presentation about your prototype and demo it for the judges.

Prizes are Awarded & Winners Announced!