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The Blockchain for Good Challenge

The Blockchain for Good Challenge

Accenture, Bank of Ireland and the Hyperledger are joining forces to sponsor the Blockchain4Good Hackathon to ask developers and IT professionals to come together to collaborate and form into teams around Sustainable Supply Chain/Trade Finance and Digital Identity to create Blockchain applications. The Hackathon will be held in the creative atmosphere of The Dock, Accenture’s multidisciplinary research and incubation hub located in the heart of Dublin’s tech quarter.  

The Ask:

We’re challenging developers to come together and look at how some of the world’s more pressing problems might be solved using blockchain technology. Blockchain a new type of database system that maintains and records data in a way that allows multiple parties to share and collaborate to execute transactions has the power to move any kind of data securely and auditably among all parties to a transaction.  The data on a blockchain is trusted and secure, preventing random changes.  In this “Blockchain4Good” Hackathon we’re asking participants to think about the possibilities to benefit humanity with this powerful technology.  

Blockchain has shown great promise in establishing provenance of goods, to expedite routine business processes and to enable the world’s unbankable to receive payments via cryptocurrencies through mobile apps at their fingertips.  We’ve already seen successful blockchain for good implementations like Plastic Bank which allow plastic that was littering the ocean to be recycled for rewards.

The possibilities are truly endless and we believe blockchain technologies can enhance our quality of life.

In this Hackathon, we’re asking you to help change the world by developing solutions to these common problems.