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MesosCon University

Ever been to a talk where they just scratched the surface and you wanted to go deeper? Many conferences offer half-day or all-day workshops, but many attendees find those go too deep.

This year, MesosCon North America is debuting tutorial-style presentations in a new format called MesosCon University. MesosCon University will be a separate track on the first day where attendees can expect to get hands-on experience during three 90 minute sessions.

All MesosCon University sessions will take place on Thursday, September 14 in Diamond Salon 7, located in the JW Marriott LA Live, and access is included with your MesosCon registration. Due to the hands-on and personal focus of each session, limited seats are available. Please indicate your interest by completing this interest form.
For all University sessions, attendees will be asked to bring a laptop with the ability to ssh into a Linux machine.

My application is ready for production... now what?

Presented by:
Gastón Kleiman, Software Engineer, Mesosphere
Kevin Klues, Tech Lead Manager, Mesosphere
Johannes Unterstein, Distributed Applications Engineer, Mesophere

In this session, we'll explore the options offered by Mesos, Marathon, and DC/OS to try to answer all these questions and more:

  • How do I deploy my application on a Mesos cluster?
  • How can I monitor my application and make sure that everything stays running happily?
  • How can I monitor the underlying infrastructure?
  • Help! Something strange is going on with my tasks! How do I debug them?
  • Uhm, my tasks are now spread across my entire cluster… how do I deal with all the logs?
  • Wait, how do my services know how to talk to one another?
  • How can I prevent downtime during deployments?

Bootstrapping Secure Mesos Clusters

Presented by: Vishnu Mohan, Solutions Engineer, Mesosphere

Apache Mesos offers a range of features that allow you to secure your cluster and prevent breaches and other attacks. This talk will provide an overview of the security features and recommendations for hardening your Mesos cluster.

The goals of for this talk are to depict how to:
1. Isolate the cluster perimeter with strong authentication and authorization across all interfaces.
2. Secure and protect the internal cluster communication, containers, and sandboxes.
3. Enhance cluster security with support for 3rd party security integrations.

Topics to cover include:
1. Security Zones
2. Security Modes
3. User and Framework/Service Authentication
4. User and Framework/Service Authorization
5. TLS Encryption
6. Namespaces
7. Secrets Management
8. Hardening Recommendations

Building Your First Stateful DC/OS Service

Presented by: Ben Wood, Software Engineer, Mesosphere

Apache Mesos and DC/OS are powerful orchestration tools. But, building stateful application on top of DC/OS requires understanding Apache Mesos primitives and DC/OS components, and writing complex scheduler code.

From a bird’s eye view, most stateful systems look similar. Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra, and other stateful systems have their own concerns, but they all need to provision storage, scale capacity, be discoverable by clients, be manageable by operators, and be resilient to failure (which is complicated for databases).

In this talk, Ben will demonstrate by example how the DC/OS SDK enables you to build stateful applications which satisfy these common requirements. Particular attention will be paid to how the abstractions of the DC/OS SDK free developers from focusing on interfacing with Apache Mesos and DC/OS and instead concentrate on building a robust stateful service.



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