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Session Tracks

The ecosystem around Apache Mesos is vast and constantly growing. As such, this year’s program was tailored to enable conference attendees to focus on their specific areas of interest. See below for more detailed information about each track.

SMACK, GPUs, Analytics (Day 1 and Day 2):
Collecting large amounts of data is easy, but analyzing them—potentially in real time—is a different kind of challenge. This track is dedicated to simplifying that challenge with an emphasis on the SMACK stack—consisting of Apache Spark, Apache Mesos, Akka, Apache Cassandra, and Apache Kafka—which is evolving as a comprehensive solution, especially for stream processing.

Ops: Storage, Networking, Monitoring, Security, etc (Day 1 and Day 2):
The application is running on the development cluster, great! But now the actual challenge starts—How do you secure the cluster? How do you set up scalable networking? What storage options are available? This track was assembled for practitioners, or soon to be practitioners, to hear how their peers are solving operations challenges and what tools are available.

DevOps: Microservices, APIs, CI/CD, Artifact Repositories, etc (Day 1):
Split out from the Ops track, this track focuses on the deployment side of operations, where developers interface with the underlying infrastructure. While cloud-native patterns like microservices provide tremendous benefits, they can be challenging too! Like the Ops track, this track is dedicated to practitioners to hear from their peers and from the broader ecosystem on tools to simplify deployments.

Mesos Frameworks (Day 2):
Part of the power of Mesos are the frameworks that people build to run on top! This track is dedicated to all things frameworks, i.e., how to operate them, how to integrate them with the broader ecosystem, as well as some new frameworks that are just being created.

Mesos Internals (Day 2):
This track focuses on Apache Mesos internals, new features, new integrations with the ecosystem, etc.


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