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What Attendees Are Saying

Read what past attendees of Embedded Linux Conference + OpenIoT Summit have to say about their experiences!

The ELC/OpenIoT Summit brought together all of the critical participants in two deeply connected ecosystems - the embedded systems that run on devices and the frameworks that connect those devices. It is a small community of the brightest minds talking openly and sharing ideas. We found being there invaluable. 
- Noah Harlan, Founder, Two Bulls


ELC/OpenIoT Summit 2016 was one of the most exciting conferences I've been to in recent years, there were far too many interesting talks for me to attend all of them that I wanted and it was a great opportunity to connect with people in the community.
- Mark Brown, Kernel Working Group Technical Lead, Linaro


I have been attending and speaking at the Embedded Linux Conference for almost as long as it has existed. Open source is all about community, and this is where my community meets every year in the US and Europe. I am very pleased to see the OpenIoT SUmmit co-located so the business and technical folks can intermingle, and I look forward to another year of great conferences from the Linux Foundation. 
- Jeff Osier-Mixon, Yocto Project Community Manager, Intel


As with most LF events I have attended, this last ELC/OpenIoT was a well organized, and extremely fun, conference. Both the quality of speakers and the hallway tracks provide the necessary depth and content for real collaboration to take place. I am always amazed at how helpful it is to discuss issues being worked on face to face, with people one normally interacts with via email. I would definitely recommend ELC for anyone who is interested in the embdded world, at any level, as nowhere else will yous ee as many experts willing to listen, help and collaborate towards better ideas or results, either in the venue or over beers.
- Davidlohr Bueso, Software Engineer, SUSE Labs


The Embedded Linux Conference, to me, is one of the most fun and educational conferences to go to. The reason being, is that it's the one conference that showcases the most use cases of Linux. From severeal embedded development boards, to use cases for automotive and going into space. Teaming up with OpenIoT was a perfect match, as it complements the usages of Linux and Open Source software entering into the products of everyday life. 
- Steve Rostedt, Pricincipal Software Engineer, Red Hat and Kernel Subsystem Maintainer



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