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The following tutorials can be added to your ApacheCon registration. All take place on Wednesday, May 11.


Setting Up a Notebook Based Data Science Environment with Flink and Spark Under the Hood - Trevor Grant, Market 6 

Wednesday, May 11 - 9:00am - 12:00pm

Data scientists stand to gain much by unleasing the analytical power of state-of-the-art big data packages such as Spark and Flink, however depending on their background these data users may be intimidated by building projects from source and working from the command line. 

This tutorial will be a walk through / live demo of installing Flink and Spark, two state-of-the-art analytics packages, in cluster mode, and installing Zeppelin, a web notebook interface for these (and many more) projects. Finally, we will connect Zeppelin to the running clusters of Flink and Spark, run some simple programs, and explore the job managers of the cluster.


Apache Karaf and OSGI Basics - Tom Barber, Meteorite Consulting 

Wednesday, May 11 - 9:00am - 12:00pm

To those people who are used to monolithic webapps, OSGI bundles can be a daunting prospect, we'll help users wanting to move into an OSGI model by explaining how to get started. 

OSGI allows for dynamically pluggable bundles in the Java run time. In this talk we'll look at Apache Karaf, and how to build a few basic OSGI modules that we can deploy into Karaf and demonstrate useful techniques for building OSGI bundles. 

We'll discuss the differences between building standard (web) applications and OSGI applications and how to avoid common pitfalls. Learn some tips and tricks from someone who learnt the hard way about development best practice, building, deploying and maintaining your bundles and building features.





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