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Travel Assistance

The Apache Software Foundation's Travel Assistance Committee is looking for people who would like to be able to attend ApacheCon North America 2016 who need some financial support in order to get there. There are VERY few places available and the criteria is high, that aside applications are open to all open source developers who feel that their attendance would benefit themselves, their project(s), the ASF and open source in general.

Financial assistance is available for flights/trains, accommodation and entrance fees either in full or in part, depending on circumstances. It is intended that all our ApacheCon and Apache Retreat events will be covered, so it may be prudent for those in other continents to wait until an event closer to them comes up - you are all welcome to apply for this ApacheCon of course, but there must be compelling reasons for you to attend an event further away that your home location for your application to be considered above those closer to the event location.

Please visit for more details on how to apply for travel assistance.


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