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The Androidâ„¢ Builders Summit is a technical summit for OEMs, their device manufacturers, integrators, custom builders, and the growing Android and Linux Kernel developer communities. Android is expanding to an increasing number of industry segments in addition to smart phones and tablets. There is a need for the ecosystem of builders to collaborate on a common solution for existing limitations and desired features across all of these device categories. The Android Builders Summit provides an intimate forum for collaboration at the systems level and discussion of core issues and opportunities when designing Android devices. The summit addresses topics ranging from custom builds, alternative middleware, network functionality extensions, Peer to Peer frameworks, USB device support, security, unification of power management, tools and hybrid Android devices among many other topics.

Who Attends

  • OEMs, device manufacturers, integrators, custom builders, and developers from the Android and Linux Kernel communities
  • 200 Attendees from 20 countries gathered in 2012


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